Automated aerial video-monitoring for everyone


The solution makes automated aerial video monitoring affordable for everyone. It is not only affordable but also very simple to use. Just point on the map where you want your drone to fly and our web application, with the help of mobile application, makes sure the drone operates on the route and charges automatically.

Charging platform

Charging station allows contact-based battery charging.

Modified leg

Springs under the drone's feet connect the drone with the charging station.

Battery dock

Charging dock on the drone eliminates the need to remove the battery from the drone

Get in touch with the developers to test our solution. You can download the mobile application here. We also recommend to get overview of our web application here.

Our Team.
Creating the experience.

The team behind the solution that takes aerial video monitoring to the crowds:

Oliver Stimmer

3rd year of BSc in Computer Sience

Rebeka Mändar

2nd year of BSc in Computer Sience

Anna Bilmaijer

2nd year of BSc in Computer Sience

Contact:, +372 5901 1865